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Shenzhen Xingjiayi Art Paper Co., Ltd.

Xing Jia Yi Art Paper Co. Ltd is a printer founded in 1989,As we have long printing history of more than 28 years, we equipted with advanced technologies and professional expertise to improve productivity and quality constantly.
Our business scope are: book printing, packaging printing. including post-press and different kinds of fulfillment services.

Xingjiayi Building, Baoshi South Road Shiyan, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
T: (86) 755-27643555
W: www.szxingjiayi.com

G7 Qualified 认证

Type 類別 类别 : Offset – Commercial Sheetfed 平张柯式的 – 商业印刷
Level 級別 级别 : ColorSpace
Since 首次 首次 : 01/05/2019
Thru 到期日 到期日 : 03/31/2020

Shenzhen Yao Long Colour Printing Co., Ltd.

Yao Long is a company specializing in printing, plastic and carton production, and is a convenient one-stop print solution for customers. We are a designated printing vendor for world-renowned brands such as Belkin,  gear4, PUREGEAR, tech21 and iLuv. We are a qualified packaging service supplier to companies like Apple, Samsung, and Kindle, for their product-related accessories such as  Power  Bank, Charger,  Cable, Networking,  Speaker,  Keyboard,  Mouse,  Earphone,  Headphone,  Surge Protector, Cases, Screen Overlay,  Handbag, LSG and MSG etc. End products are distributed to North America, Europe,   Australia and Asia,  with the US and UK as our primary end markets.

Building2, YuanLingZi Industrial Zone, HengPing Road, BaoAn Village, HengGang Town,  LongGang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
T:  (86) 755-89731588
E: calvin@yl-printing.com
W: www.yl-printing.com

G7 Qualified 认证

Type 類別 类别 : Offset – Commercial Sheetfed 平张柯式的 – 商业印刷
Level 級別 级别 : Targeted
Since 首次 首次 : 02/01/2018
Thru 到期日 到期日 : 01/31/2020

Shenzhen Yonghe Printing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yonghe printing Co.,Ltd is a provider of high-end brand packaging printing and related services. Founded in shenzhen in 1999, Yonghe focuses on the solutions of integrated product manufacture and supplying.
While focusing on paper packaging, we pay attention to the business diversification, and actively expands packaging business such as color boxes, gift boxes, brochures, manuals, self-adhesive stickers, cartons etc..
Yonghe is more than a printer. We communicate with our customers closely in order to understand their goals and challenges. We joint development in NPI, and deliver printing services through multi-channel. We position ourselves as a business partner for every client’s success by providing one-stop solution.
No. 102 Block 2 1-2 Floor, Xiangshan Road, Luotian Community, Songgang Sub-District Office, Baoan District,
Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China
T: (86) 755-23490606

G7 Qualified 认证

Type 類別 类别 : Offset – Commercial Sheetfed 平张柯式的 – 商业印刷
Level 級別 级别 : ColorSpace
Since 首次 首次 : 12/31/2017
Thru 到期日 到期日 : 12/31/2019